Womens Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We are a dedicated Laser Hair Removal clinic and use the most advanced Laser Hair Removal technology.

Our pay-per-session treatments option mean you pay for what you need,
It’s as simple as that.

Womens Laser Hair Removal Treatments (Pay per Session)

Upper Lip and Chin
Sides & Jawline
Neck Rear, Front and Jawline
Full Face
Underarm and Full Arm
Underarm, Full Leg & Bikini
Bikini and Underarm
Lower Arms and Hands
Lower Legs/Half Leg, Feet & Toes
Upper Leg/Half Leg, Feet & Toes
Full Leg and Bikini
Lower Leg, Bikini and Underarm
Upper Leg, Buttocks & Bikini
Upper Legs and Extended Bikini Line
Abdomen, Chest and Nipples
Lower Back and Buttocks
Basic: Strip Left on Front, in AB Line Labia and Bum
Californian: Sides, Abs & A Little Off The Top
Thong: Sides, Abs, A Little Off The Top & Bum
Brazilian: Strip left on front, in AB line, Labia & Bum
Hollywood: Completely Bare inc. AB Line
Full Body (Unlimited Areas)

All of our therapists are certified to use our FDA – TGA approved, medical grade lasers.
Our Candela lasers have had to undergo clinical trials to scientifically prove they reduce hair in order to obtain approval for their lasers. We operate under strict safety protocols and will never take risks with your skin. We take hygiene very seriously and use a fresh pair of gloves for each and every treatment we perform and sanitise our lasers between each treatment with clinical grade solution.