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What is SaltFacial L’avantage

The SaltFacial™ is a medical-grade treatment that exfoliates the skin with all-natural sea salt—essentially, it’s the ultimate answer to picture-perfect skin. The three-in-one skin renewal restores, replenishes, and rejuvenates skin through a three-step process.

The Process

Using pure microfine sea salt, the next-generation exfoliating machine gently but effectively removes the top layer of your skin (The stratum corneum), the SaltFacial L’avantage™ uses a closed loop of pressure so there’s no suction, which makes it safe, In a grid-like pattern with the machine leaves residue of the salt on your face.

Benefits of using salt include antibacterial, antimicrobial, calming, and balancing effects, which make it great for acne as well as dullness. Since salt retains water, it bloats skin cells, leaving your skin deeply hydrated and plump, which also helps lessen fine lines.

After exfoliating your face, the aesthetician uses the exclusive L’avantage 3 MHz ultrasound module to stimulate vital nutrients back into your skin. The ultrasound opens up cells to accept hydration and push products up to two times deeper into skin tissue. This step also promotes healthier skin texture and helps to encourage collagen reformation (read: firmer, tighter skin).

The last step in the SaltFacial™ is LED light therapy, which is great because it can be tailored to your skin type. Blue light helps with inflammation and kills bacteria, and red light promotes collagen production and aids in healing (such as bruises and pain). While under the light, you can take a mini snooze, relax, and enjoy the warmth of the phototherapy

You can feel the benefits immediately after your treatment, but it’s not  until the next day when you could truly see a difference in your skin. Not only your complexion incredibly glowy, but your skin feels softer than it ever has before—proving the SaltFacial™ is the ultimate answer to keeping your skin hydrated and plump. To keep skin in an optimal state, we recommend SaltFacial™ once a month. My skin has definitely been spoiled by introducing this treatment to my regimen.


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SaltFacial™ L'avantage

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