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Mens Laser Hair Removal

Face Area

$70   Cheeks, Nose, Beard, Jaw Line, (Face-Sculpt)

Upper Body

$203   Arms, Shoulders & Neck
$140   Abdomen and Chest
$110    Upper or Full Back
$49     Underarms

Lower Body

$240   Legs
$150    Manzillian
$110    Lower or Full Back

Full Body

$600   Full Male Body

What to expect

A quick overview of how each of your sessions will go.

You'll begin to see your hair shed after 7-14 days.

You'll see less hair and growth will be slower.

All your hair regrowth will be noticeably thinner and lighter.

Shaving will be reduced to once every 6-8 weeks.

Your skin will begin to feel soft & your hair follicles minimize.

Your ingrown hairs and shaving rash will be reduced.

You'll go to less sessions as your regrowth will be very slow.

You'll move onto maintenance sessions as recommended.

We offer all our clients
pay per session
Our pay-per-session treatments option mean you pay for what you need